10 Essential Women’s Yoga Leggings for Under $99

By Rebecca Koehn
Published: July 19, 2019 | Last updated: May 20, 2020

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Key Takeaways

These 10 essential women’s yoga pants will have you covered no matter what style of yoga you’re into!

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One of the nice things about how mainstream yoga has become is the variety of yoga brands now available for yogis to choose between. There are so many companies and styles that the process of choosing your perfect pair of yoga leggings or pants can actually be a bit overwhelming.


Do you go for the high-waist or the normal? Capris, seven-eighths or full length? Flare bottoms or tight?

The answer is, of course, that it is a personal choice.


The best pair of yoga pants are the pair that fit you like a dream. The ones that don't slip or fall down and that give you enough support without feeling like they're squeezing your stomach out of the waist band.

Moreover, with all the selection available today, the perfect pair of yoga pants can also be the ones that suit you best; the ones that let you express yourself. Maybe they have awesome mesh cutouts or a graphical designs that make you smile every time you lay eyes on them.

But if there is one thing that we can all agree on, it's that you can never have too many pairs of yoga pants.


Here are 10 of our favourite, essential yoga pants for you to rock your next class in!

Lululemon Align Pant

For Extreme Softness

So we don't have statistical proof that these leggings are the softest yoga leggings out there, but we have enough pairs ourselves to believe it to be true. Lululemon's Nulu fabric is no joke; it's engineered to have a "naked sensation." They're so soft, they truly do feel like a second skin.

The Nulu fabric is also sweat-wicking, which means you can rock these leggings to your next vinyasa flow and not be weighed down by sweat.

As an extra added bonus, these pants are also high waisted, giving you extra coverage as you move between poses, and they have added Lycra fibre so they'll hold they're shape better through multiple, multiple wears.

They're designed for any style of yoga, but you'll probably fall in love with them so much that you'll end up wearing them to just about every occasion (just like we do). (Learn more in Best Sites for Online Yoga Classes to Deepen Your Practice.)

$98 from Lululemon

Alo Coast Legging

For All the Twists

Our favourite feature of this legging is the stirrup foot. The stirrup helps to keep these leggings in place no matter what inversion or twist you get yourself into.

We also find that the stirrup is great for poses where you need to grab your ankle or foot, like dancer's pose. Having that extra wrap of fabric provides just that more grip to make the pose feel more secure.

We're also big fans of the mesh blocking on the sides of the legs and backs of the knees. Mesh blocks help to cool you down during intense classes, but still give you the full coverage of an ankle length legging. The Coast Legging is also made with moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology, helping to keep you cool and clean!

$94 from Alo

Onzie High Rise Graphic Legging

For the Expressive Yogi

As we said early, graphics are one of the coolest features out there today when it comes to choosing your next pair of leggings. These graphic leggings from Onzie come in six different patterns (all of which we find so cool).

If the staple black yoga leggings make you yawn, definitely check out this pair from Onzie! It would be difficult to describe them as boring.

Besides their awesome visual appeal, these leggings are also high-rise, giving you both coverage and comfort. It's no wonder why this pair is one of Onzie's best selling leggings.

$78 from Onzie

Manduka Assuage Pant

For Comfort and Control

Yoga leggings are awesome, but for more relaxed classes, like restorative or yin, you may want a more relaxed pair of yoga pants. (Learn more in Yin Versus Restorative Yoga: What's the Difference?)

That's where the Assauge Pant comes in.

These pants are the perfect blend of the comfort of joggers and the stability of leggings. The dropped crotch style gives them a relaxed vibe, but the tighter ankles helps to keep them in place so they won't slide as you practice.

An awesome bonus with these pants is that they have pockets! No more slipping your phone into the waistband of your leggings as you walk to and from class.

$88 from Manduka

PrAna Pillar Pant

For a More Relaxed Fit

If you're not a fan of the tight ankles on leggings, this pair is for you. The Pillar Pant is aptly named, as it will become a staple in your yoga wardrobe. The flare leg gives a little bit more comfort, while still providing enough support and compression.

Made with stretch jersey and featuring a wide waistband, these pants are the perfect combination of comfort and stretch. They work great in a restorative or yin class, for meditation practice, or for running errands! (Learn more in Different Yoga for Different Days: A Quick Overview of 5 Popular Styles.)

$85 from PrAna

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket Capri

For the Warm Blooded

If you're a fan of hot yoga or vinyasa classes, there's a large possibility that you're in need of a shorter pair of yoga pants that will help keep you cool. Enter Athleta's Salutation Stash Pocket Capri!

These capris hit just below your knee, giving you enough coverage that your foot won't slip off your sweaty skin when you try to do tree pose, but that are short enough that you won't melt.

Made with Athleta's Powervita fabric, these capris are extra soft and stretchy. They also have pockets on the sides and come in a variety of colours, from vibrant teal to simple black. Choose whichever colour best suits you!

$79 from Athleta

Onzie High Rise Bondage Legging

For the Edgy Yogi

When the first pair of mesh cut-out leggings came out a few years ago, we were so amazed. Finally a style of yoga pant, that looks super cool and keeps you cool! This pair from Onzie is our favourite mesh legging. The Bondage Legging features four different cut outs on the front and full coverage on the back.

We find that some mesh cut-out leggings can feel too revealing when the mesh goes all the way around the leg. We love that this one provides air and edge while still giving you support and coverage.

The Bondage Legging is the perfect pair of yoga pants to take from the studio straight to a night out with friends! Stylish and sleek, we rock these pants to hot yoga, yin classes, meditation practices and regular outings!

$78 from Onzie

Manduka Engineered Print Legging

For a Hit of Cosmic Energy

These leggings are simply beautiful, in appearance and comfort. We love the Aurora Star print because it's eye catching and mesmerizing.

They're the kind of pant that provide an extra boost of confidence when you wear them. We can feel our connection to the universe when we put this gorgeous pair of leggings on.

Moreover, they're also an extremely stretchy and comfy pair of leggings! Featuring four-way stretch and made with 82% recycled polyester, this pair of leggings will keep you cool and composed during ever sun salutation. Remember the name of this pair of leggings because you'll have tons of jealous yogis coming up and asking you where you got them!

$88 from Manduka

Girlfriend Collective Compressive High-Rise Legging

For the Ecofriendly Feminist

If you haven't heard of Girlfriend Collective, we're glad we can change that for you. Girlfriend Collective is an ethical manufacturer that makes their yoga pants using recycled materials. They're also fantastic at using real-sized women in their marketing campaigns and making clothes that fit every body type.

We don't know about you, but we love companies that are trying to make a positive difference in the yoga community! (Learn more in Yoga Is for Every Body.)

Their leggings are also no joke. They're made from compressive fabric with a high-rise waist and four-way stretch, so they're perfect for whatever style of yoga you're doing. They also come in a wide range of sizes from XXS to 6XL, which means that there is a perfect fit for everyone.

As an awesome note, each pair of these leggings recycles 25 plastic water bottles that would otherwise go straight to the landfill. If you want to feel great about your purchase (and look great!) these leggings are the pair for you!

$68 from Girlfriend Collective

Lululemon Warm Down Jogger

For Chilling Out

If you tend to start out chilly, but end up really warm during yoga class, you need to add this pair of pants to your wardrobe. The Warm Down Jogger is the perfect pair of pants to slip over a pair of shorts and warm up or cool down in.

They're made of a light cotton terry fabric that won't weigh you down as you run through your first few sun salutations.

Made with anti-stick technology, these pants are great addition to your wardrobe. They're stretchy enough for a yin or restorative class, or even for a slow flow. They also have a drawstring waist, so you can guarantee a snug fit around your waist!

$98 from Lululemon

We hope this list of awesome leggings didn't break your bank account too badly! But if it did, at least you can rest assured that you just bought an awesome new pair of yoga pants that will make you feel great about your body and that you can use for multiple different occasions!

Happy practicing in your stylish new gear!

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Written by Rebecca Koehn

Rebecca Koehn

Rebecca is the Editor of Yogapedia. She has been an avid yogi and mindfulness practitioner for the past ten years.

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