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I’m dreaming of a yoga retreat at the moment.

Something for autumn, when the summer weather loses its luster and cooler breezes take over—that’s when I want to travel south and immerse myself in the yoga lifestyle.

Yoga retreats are the perfect life reset.

When you’re looking for a change, but don’t know what direction to take, ample time away from the distractions of modern day life allow you to get quiet and get attuned to your true desires. You just never know who you’re gonna meet or what you might discover about yourself at a yoga retreat.

If you have the time, but think yoga retreats are beyond your budget, here are 8 yoga retreats that won’t break the bank. In fact, they’re all under $300!

4 Days of Yoga and Meditation in Thailand

Are you in the mood for a little Southeast Asian bliss? This retreat, located on the shores of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand, is short and sweet—and under $200!

Open to all levels of experience, this retreat offers three daily yoga sessions, daily guided meditation practices, and Pilates classes. The venue (Wonderland Healing Center), boasts a swimming pool, herbal steam sauna, gorgeous accommodations, and three vegan meals each day!

Unique Features

  • Hatha, kundalini, vinyasa, yin, nidra, therapeutic and alignment yoga styles
  • Full serviced spa (one Thai Massage included)
  • Vegan-friendly food options
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Plus many more great features...Get More Information Today

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8 Days of Yoga and Meditation on the Beaches of Greece

For all of you interested in learning more about mindfulness meditation while practicing hatha yoga in a quaint Greek village just 10 minutes from the sea, this retreat is for you. For only $287 you get seven nights of accommodation plus daily brunch—along with hatha, mindfulness, and yoga nidra sessions.

Open to beginners and intermediate practitioners, there’s even free Wi-Fi for those of you who want to stay connected to loved ones!

Unique Features

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4-Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat in the Hills Outside of Barcelona

Ever dreamed of seeing the cosmopolitan city by the sea, but want to complement city life with a mountain yoga retreat? If so, this one’s for you!

For only $239 you get 3-nights accommodation in a nature retreat center outside of Barcelona. There’s yoga, meditation, and other spiritually-centered workshops, as well as daily vegan and vegetarian meals—and even a dance celebration! All levels are welcome.

Unique Features

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3-Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat in New York

If you’re looking to save on airfare and want to stay stateside, this 3-day retreat just two hours from New York City might be ideal.

Located at the Sivananda Yoga Ranch, this retreat offers up a sacred space for yoga, meditation, and mantra chanting. There’s even a Russian sauna for further relaxation.

For only $120 you get two-nights accommodation and two daily organic vegetarian meals!

Unique Features

  • Hatha, sivananda and karma yoga styles
  • Traditional Russian banya (wood-burning sauna)
  • Organic vegetarian meals
  • Plus many more great features...Get More Information Today

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4-Day Yoga and Surf Retreat in Portugal

Located in Cascais, Portugal, this four-day, three-night yoga and surfing holiday costs just $285. Be prepared for morning meditation, sunset awareness hikes, and crashing waves.

All levels are welcome, and there’s even one surfing lesson and an Ayurvedic massage included—as well as a morning meal.

Unique Features

  • Hatha and yin yoga styles
  • 500m from the beach
  • One free surf lesson
  • Sunrise Yang Yoga beside the sea
  • Plus many more great features...Get More Information Today

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7-Day Yoga Wellness Retreat in Bali

Dreaming of a retreat in Bali just 30 minutes from its blissful beaches? For just $294, this Balinese getaway boasts 6 nights of accommodation, daily vegan meals and coconut water, a Balinese dance class, a Balinese massage treatment, a cooking class, and two yoga classes each day.

Hatha, vinyasa, and yin classes are on offering, and you’ll even learn how to make a traditional healing drink!

Unique Features

  • Hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga styles
  • Balinese dancing class
  • Traditional healing drink making class
  • Two daily yoga classes
  • Plus many more great features...Get More Information Today

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7-Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat in India

All levels are welcome to this six-night, seven-day retreat in Rishikesh, India, the motherland of yoga. For just $299 you get six nights accommodation, and daily hatha, vinyasa, and ashtanga yoga classes.

You’ll also receive ayurvedic-style meals, daily meditation and pranayama sessions, and an introductory course in Ayurveda. For those looking for a week of authentic yogic living, this retreat fits the bill!

Unique Features

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3-Day Wellness Retreat in Bali

Do daily yoga classes in the middle of rice paddies sound like bliss to you? That’s what you’ll get when you retreat to this Balinese wellness center, which offers up healing on a shoestring.

Included in the price of $207, is two-nights accommodation, all the coffee and tea you can drink, three village-style meals a day, a daily Balinese yoga class, and an afternoon spa treatment. Transfers to and from Tabanan City are also included within the price.

Unique Features

  • Hatha and balinese yoga styles
  • Specialized for beginners
  • Daily village activities
  • Plus many more great features...Get More Information Today

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As you can see, yoga retreats needn’t be cost-prohibitive and out of reach for the frugal-minded yogi. In fact, they’re becoming more and more mainstream.

As such, you’ll continue to see reasonably priced wellness and yoga vacations available on offering. And if you still can’t justify the cost, just remember what Benjamin Franklin once said:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

In other words, when it comes to your health and well-being, you can pay now or pay later.

Why not pay now for a pleasurable wellness experience rather than potentially unpleasant doctor’s visits down the road?

Treat yourself! You deserve it!

This post contains affiliate links.

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