Last Updated: February 28, 2019

Definition - What does Prajapatya mean?

Prajapatya is a Sanskrit word that is best known for referring to one of the eight types of marriage outlined in the ancient Hindu texts, the Vedas. In this tradition, marriage is a sacred and lifelong commitment between the husband and wife, and it is one of the samskaras.

Prajapatya marriage was a marriage between a male and female ,who married after the groom’s family approach the bride’s family. Unlike the similar brahma marriage, in prajapatya marriage, the bride’s father gave the bride away to the groom’s father rather than the groom.

Yogapedia explains Prajapatya

Prajapatya marriage was most common when the bride and groom were very young, and as such the bride’s father handed his daughter to the groom’s father for protection during the panigrahan or hand-receiving ceremony. This ceremony was very important in the Vedic tradition.

Although the wedding ceremony itself may have taken place immediately after the hand-receiving ceremony, the wedding may have not been consummated for some years, if the bride and groom were very young.

The other seven types of marriage are bráhma, daiva, arsha, asura, gándharva, rákshasa and paisácha

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