Definition - What does Singh mean?

Singh is an Indian term used as a title or name. The term is derived from the Sanskrit, sinha, meaning "lion," and represents royalty, courage and divinity. Originally, it was used by Indian warriors and, in 1699, was taken up by the Sikhs and used as a name for all baptized men to ensure equality for everyone. Baptized female Sikhs use the term, kaur, meaning "princess."

Yogapedia explains Singh

All Sikh males should use the term Singh as part of their names. It activates a sense of brotherhood and courage. Historically, the Singhs are known for their braveness and chivalry. Sikh is considered a spiritual title, while Singh has social and political implications.

However, not only Sikhs use the name Singh. Many Hindus from North India use it as well, usually as a surname, and this name is also known in other Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

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