Definition - What does Lotus mean?

The lotus is a flower that is used as a symbol in many Eastern schools of spirituality and religion, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. The flower is often used to symbolically depict divinity, rebirth and purity. It is also used to depict spirituality and self-realization.

In yoga, the lotus pose is a seated, cross-legged posture.

Yogapedia explains Lotus

The lotus flower has been symbolically linked with Eastern philosophy. The process of the growth of a lotus flower from a bud in muddy waters to a fully bloomed, clean flower represents the spiritual progress of an aspirant.

In Buddhism, the lotus flower is linked with divinity. The Buddhist chant "O mani padre hum" translated means "O jewel in the lotus." This flower is also used extensively in Buddhist art and images as a sign of spiritual enlightenment.

In yoga, padmasana is known as the "lotus pose." In this seated posture, both legs are crossed over each other by placing the feet on the opposite thighs. This pose is used extensively as a meditation posture and for practicing pranayama. It is foundational and important to any form of yoga.

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