Definition - What does Brmhana mean?

Brmhana is the Ayurvedic equivalent of anabolic, a constructive type of metabolic process. It refers to the synthesis of more complex molecules from simpler ones, as a means of generating organs, tissues and growth. Also known as Santarpana, Brmhana requires energy to occur, and so this process tends to be energizing to both body and mind.

Yogapedia explains Brmhana

According to Ayurveda, there are two principles of energy: Brmhana and Langhana. The two are opposed to one another - whilst Langhana is calming, Brmhana is invigorating. These principles govern Ayurvedic treatments, including asana and pranayama.

Techniques or therapies that promote Brmhana tend to enhance metabolic functions, as well as tonifying and nourishing the body. Warm baths and heavy diets are examples of Brmhana treatments. Topical Brmhana treatments focus on rejuvenation and anti-oxidation, producing growth and differentiation amongst cells.

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