Definition - What does Prapti mean?

Prapti is a Sanskrit term that means “obtaining,” “acquisition,” and gain.” In yoga and Hindu philosophy, it is the power to enter or penetrate everywhere and is one of the main unusual abilities or skills known as siddhis.

A yogi attains these abilities, including prapti through years of practice and following the eight-limbed path of yoga as outlined in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Prapti is sometimes referred to as the ability to obtain – that is, being able to travel anywhere to get anything.

Yogapedia explains Prapti

In Kundalini yoga practice, these siddhis are the powers that kundalini awakens. In addition to prapti, the other siddhi powers include:

  • Anima – being able to shrink the body to the size of an atom
  • Laghima – having the skill to make the body weightless
  • Mahima – being able to increase the size of one's body
  • Garima – having the power to make one's body heavier
  • Parakamya – having an irresistible will; being able to attain whatever one wishes
  • Vastiva – being able to control one's own and others' minds, as well as animals and objects
  • Istiva – attaining lordship

In Hindu mythology, these siddhis represent the eight primary powers that gave Hanuman (the monkey god and devotee of Rama) his god-like powers.

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