Definition - What does Laghima mean?

Laghima is one of the eight major siddhis (spiritual or paranormal abilities) of a spiritually advanced person in some traditions of Hinduism. Laghima, a Sanskrit word meaning “absence of weight,” is the power to make the physical body so light that it is almost weightless and, some believe, could float in the air or levitate.

The siddhis, including laghima, are developed through yoga, meditation, pranayama and other sadhanas. Laghima is described in the Vibhuti Pada of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

Yogapedia explains Laghima

Some believe that laghima is attainable by samyama meditation focused on the vishuddha (throat) chakra, neutralizing the pull of Earth's gravity.

The other major siddhis are:

  • Anima – shrinking the body to microscopic size
  • Mahima – enlarging the body infinitely
  • Garima – making the body infinitely heavy
  • Prapti – ability to teleport
  • Prakamya – ability to get whatever is desired
  • Istva – control over nature and the elements
  • Vastva – ability to subjugate all that is

Some texts also list kama-avasayitva (complete satisfaction) as an additional major siddhi.

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