Our Top Yoga Blogs directory is full of inspiring and authentic yogis, sharing their journey through yoga with us. We thought they could use a bit of love from us, too, so we're featuring one of our top bloggers each month in a Q&A style.

This month we interviewed Gwen Lawrence of Gwen Lawrence - Power Yoga for Sports. Here's what she had to say.

Q: What brought you to yoga?

I was a dancer all my life and devoted health and fitness nut, I was training Glenn Close for her movies and she outright asked if she sent me to California to be certified as a yoga teacher if I would teach her yoga too. It was fate, because it is truly my passion and calling.

Q: Why do you continue to do yoga?

I continue because I outright see the benefits of increased breath, reduced anxiety, a healthier stable body that allows me to run and lift weights too.

Q: Why do you blog about yoga?

It is my hope with a yoga blog to inspire others with stories of my clients, passing information I have studied and prove the benefits of yoga to as many people as I can.

Q: What’s unique about your blog?

Everybody has a different blog because by nature we are all different and see things in our own way. My blog is different because in the nearly 30 years I have been doing and teaching yoga I have specialized in teaching athletes from little leaguers to professionals. To date I have personally trained over 3,000 pro athletes so I understand and can convey the view point of the athlete.

Q: What is your most popular post and why?

It seems my most popular posts are the one that help issues, like yoga for hip problems, yoga for metabolism. This leads me to believe that people want natural remedies and want to help themselves become healthier without surgery and or medical intervention when it is possible.

Q: Do you have a favorite go-to pose? Why does it resonate with you?

I think everybody in the world should do supported fish pose everyday, it opens the anterior spine, which shortens due to desk work and poor posture. It opens the anterior shoulder girdle as well. Overall it will increase breath capacity, improve posture, open the heart center for a taller, leaner look, and alleviate anxiety in just three to five minutes a day!

Q: What has yoga brought to your life?

Yoga has brought a lot to my personal life. It has allowed me to support a thriving career, a successful yoga school, online learning center, and most importantly I enjoy a sounder, healthier personal life.

Q: What yoga lessons do you still consider a work in progress?

All yoga lessons are a work in progress and you should be forever a humble student, but the toughest for me is embracing the now and trying not to worry or project my past into a present or future.

Q: If you had to give one tip about living the yoga life, what would it be?

Start yoga today! Do not be intimidated, find an empathetic teacher and start today!

You can do a simple 15 minute online class, you can simply be still and breathe ten minutes or you can do a kickass 90 vinyasa class it all counts the same, in cumulative and will improve your life, you just have to start.

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