Sapta Urdhvaloka

Last Updated: February 17, 2017

Definition - What does Sapta Urdhvaloka mean?

Sapta urdhvaloka is Sanskrit for the "seven upper worlds" of the fourteen lokas, or planes of existence. Sapta urdvaloka is comprised of 3 Sanskrit words: sapta, meaning "seven," urdhva, meaning "upward or upper" and loka, meaning "world."

The foutreen lokas are divided into seven upper and seven lower worlds. The seven upper worlds are also known as the Seven Vyahritis in Sanskrit, with "vyahritis" representing the concept of "opening into the world."

Yogapedia explains Sapta Urdhvaloka

Hindu philosophy divides the planes of existence into fourteen worlds. The worlds are classified into the seven upper worlds known as sapta urdhvaloka, or the seven vyarthis, and the seven lower worlds, also known as the seven patalas. The upper worlds represent both the planes of existence for humans and the planes of attainment to reach enlightenment and release from the cycle of rebirth, while the lower worlds are for beings who are not currently evolved to seek enlightenment.

Beings in the lower planes are not aware of the existence of the planes above them, only of the planes below. Among the sapta urdhvaloka, the earth is the lowest, located in the bhur loka while the sun and planets are located in the bhuvar loka, the plane between the sun. The other upper lokas are as follows:

  • The polar star is the svar loka, or svarga loka.
  • The great sages, or rishis, exist in the mahar loka.
  • Jana loka is the home of the sons of Lord Brahma.
  • Tapar loka is home to godessess and gods.
  • Satya loka is the uppermost plane in the material world and is where beings are released from re-birth.

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