The Yogapedia Podcast: Featuring Dr. Scott Lyons

By Yogapedia Editorial Team
Published: September 18, 2019 | Last updated: October 1, 2019
Key Takeaways

In today’s episode, Dr. Scott Lyons discusses how our mind-body connection influences our lives and how we can utilize our practice to help foster and strengthen this connection.


The Yogapedia Podcast is back! After an awesome Season One, we're returning with eight new episodes filled with insightful and inspiring interviews with some of the biggest names in yoga.

We're kicking off Season Two with Dr. Scott Lyons!


In This Interview: Living Life in Flow

Dr. Scott Lyons lives and works in the world of yoga. He is a clinical psychologist, osteopath, mind-body medicine practitioner, reiki master, and yoga teacher, just to list a few of his many credentials.

Dr. Lyons is also the co-creator of Embodied Flow, a yoga school and therapy practice. Embodied Flow aims to reconnect the body, spirit and mind using a combination of hatha yoga, moving meditations, tantric philosophy, somatics and transpersonal psychology. He is also one of the leaders of The Embodied Consciousness Immersion, to be held in Berkley, California, in October.

He is also the developer of Somatic Stress Release, which helps us to naturally relax and restore our biological systems.


Dr. Lyons is a firm believer that we can use holistic methods to expand our capacity to be seen, heard and felt, even on a cellular level.

In this episode, we discuss how the the mind-body connection influences our lives and our sadhana, and how we can utilize our practice and therapy to help foster a stronger connection. Listen as we discuss how the energy in our bodies affects our mind-body connection and how yoga can help us prepare to face difficult life situations.

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If you missed out on season one, don't worry! You can listen to every episode here!

You can also catch Dr. Lyons at the Embodied Consciousness Immersion at UC Berkeley from October 13 to 18 for a deep dive facilitated by leaders in somatic and applied spiritual wisdom.

Why The Yogapedia Podcast?

The Yogapedia Podcast is here to help you navigate life’s biggest questions through the lens of yoga. Listen to insightful discussions with master teachers, leading experts, doctors, researchers and practitioners as they share all the tips, secrets, and special knowledge you need for a healthier, more meaningful life. The ancient teachings of yoga offer extraordinary solutions for navigating many of the critical issues in our modern landscape. Through intimate conversation our expert guests share their personal relationship to yoga, the discoveries that defined their path and the insights that brought meaning into their everyday lives.

The podcast is hosted by Saraswati Clere, an award-winning documentary film-maker, yoga studio owner and 500 RYT Yoga Teacher Trainer, with intro music by Jim Beckwith.

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