Saraswati Clere

San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker Saraswati Clere is the founder of Yogakula Productions and owns Yogakula Wellness Center in Berkeley, which attracts thousands of students each year. Saraswati has produced a line of educational CDs and DVDs in collaboration with some of the world’s most prominent yoga teachers and scholars. She is currently expanding her reach to include regular video and radio podcasts and is promoting THRIVE Women’s Network, her Bay Area organization designed to empower and support women business owners. In 2011 Saraswati produced Yogawoman, an award-wining documentary narrated by Annette Bening, that features 50 of the world’s leading experts – doctors, researchers, renowned yoga instructors – all empowered, compassionate, inspiring - all women. Since it’s release, Yogawoman has been screened in 12 countries and has raised over 150k to support women’s charitable organizations around the world. Saraswati is currently writing a book series that focuses on women’s health. The series will explore the latest research regularly discussed by Dr. Oz, and Deepak Chopra, explaining the science behind yoga’s ability to rewire the brain, and reclaim our lives from our often stressful, demanding schedules.

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