Definition - What does Vishesha mean?

Vishesha is a Sanskrit word meaning "privileges" or "special." Also known as chatdurdasa kalasa vishesha puja or vishesha puja, it is a ritualistic, weekly Hindu seva (selfless act) that takes place regularly on Mondays at 6 a.m.

Vishesha puja belongs to a set of weekly arjitha sevas that are outlined in the texts of the "Vaikhanasa Agama."

Yogapedia explains Vishesha

In Vishesha, there are seven vessels that hold seven materials presented in worship: milk, ghee, curd, gingerly oil, holy grains of rice, darbha (a tuft of grass), and panchagavya (a mix of five cow products). Seven more vessels are presented that contain pure water.

In Hindu practices, there are regular sevas that devotees may participate in. There are five weekly sevas that routinely take place:

  • Monday – Vishesha puja
  • Tuesday ­– Ashtadhala swarna padma puja
  • Wednesday ­– Sahasrakalasha abhishekam
  • Thursday – Thirupavadai
  • Friday – Abhishekam
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