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What Does Chamatkara Mean?

Chamatkara is a Sanskrit word meaning “miracle,” “magic” or “unusual,” and may be used as a Hindu boy’s name. Some define it as meaning “wonder”; thus, it can be used both as a noun, in the sense of “a feeling of surprise/admiration/awe,” or a verb, meaning “to be curious about something.”

In Hinduism, it is primarily used as the first part of the name of a treatise, “Chamatkara Chintamani,” which is revered on the predictive aspects of Hindu astrology.


Yogapedia Explains Chamatkara

The “Chamatkara Chintamani” was written by Bhatta Narayana and contains 108 Sanskrit slokas. Sometimes also called the “Bhava Chintamani,” it is thought to have been written in the 14th century C.E.

It is a reference book divided into nine chapters, each dedicated to one of the nine planets in our solar system. The book explains the purported effects of each planet in each of the 12 houses, or rasi, irrespective of the sign that falls on that house.

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