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What Does Vaikuntha Mean?

Vaikuntha is the celestial home of the Hindu god, Vishnu. In the “Puranas” and Vaishnava traditions, Vaikuntha is said to be located in the direction of the Capricorn constellation.

Vaikuntha is sometimes translated as “the place of non-hindrance” and may also be known as Vishnupada, meaning “Vishnu’s feet,” or Param Padam, meaning the “Supreme Abode.”


Yogapedia Explains Vaikuntha

Vaikuntha is often regarded more broadly as the spiritual world or a form of heaven, in contrast with the material world. Sometimes this domain is described as a set of Vaikuntha planets where Lord Vishnu and his devotees reside.

It is said that those who reside in Vaikuntha have a perfection of nature, which means they are desire-less and there is no disharmony or envy between residents. They find this complete satisfaction and peace through service to Lord Vishnu; thus, there is also perfect harmony between the residents and their god. The residents of Vaikuntha are said to have millions of times more love for Vishnu than they do for their individual selves.

In Vaikuntha, the transcendental love of serving Vishnu yields such bliss that sense gratification, as is experienced in the material world, becomes insignificant and meaningless. All in Vaikuntha exist only in suddha-sattva, or the mode of purity and goodness.

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Param Padam

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