Saguna Bhakti

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Saguna Bhakti Mean?

Saguna bhakti is the practice of devotion to God in form. God in form exists in all physical presence from the planet, the moon, the sun to all objects and beings in nature. The devotion to God in form recognizes that the appearance of God seems limited by form; however, the presence of God is unlimited.


Yogapedia Explains Saguna Bhakti

Bhakti is the devotional practice of yoga and brings everlasting bliss and divine light to life. Saguna bhakti is the practice of recognizing and honoring God, as God is manifested in all forms. Saguna Bhakti is the awareness that God’s presence is unlimited and that everything that exists is God. The saguna aspect of God in form does not distinguish between one god or another, there is only one God and there is no judgment of good or bad, only recognition of the divine energy that is God as manifested in form in the physical world. The saguna aspect of God cannot be realized without realizing the eternal divine consciousness of God, known as Nirguna, which is absolute and omnipresent. Each yogi expresses their devotion of God in their own way according to their beliefs and spiritual development, however, by developing saguna bhakti, yogis feel connected to God in the physical world.

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