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What Does Visuddha Mean?

Visuddha (or vishuddhi) is the Sanskrit name for the chakra located in the throat area, close to the cervical spine. The name comes from the Sanskrit, shuddhi, which means “pure,” and the root, vi, which intensifies the word; therefore, vishuddhi means “especially pure.” It is usually represented by the color of sky blue. This wheel, or vortex, of pranic energy is said to be the center of our creativity and self expression. Yogic teachings say that the visuddha chakra gives us the ability to connect with and share our own truth.

The English name for visuddha is the throat chakra.


Yogapedia Explains Visuddha

The name, visuddha, means “purification” or “purified.” This is because, according to yogic teaching, the body is required to have reached a purified state in order for this chakra to be balanced and open. It is also linked to the idea that when this chakra is activated or balanced, we are able to express our truths with purity and honesty.

Some yogic teachers describe it as the purification center because they believe it is where the nectar of immortality is divided into both pure and impure forms. Thus, it is also associated with higher consciousness and discrimination.

In Kundalini yoga, it is taught that one of the most likely reasons for this chakra being blocked and preventing energy from moving to the higher chakras is feelings of guilt. When it is open, we have the power to learn from any negative experiences and gain wisdom.

The symbol for visuddha is a blue triangle surrounded by 16 purple petals. It is also associated with the element of akashi or “ether.” The mantra associated with visuddha is “ham," and chanting it is one of the ways thought to bring the chakra into balance. Other ways are to use blue gemstones, to sing or to have meaningful conversations.

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Vishuddhi Chakra

Kantha Chakra

Kantha Kamala


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