Anahata Chakra Mantra

Definition - What does Anahata Chakra Mantra mean?

Anahata chakra mantra is the name given to any mantra associated with the heart chakra, anahata. Generally, it refers to yam, the bija, or seed, mantra connected with anahata chakra.

Working with the mantra, yam, while focusing on the heart area is one simple way to work with the anahata chakra mantra. It may also be chanted while practicing an asana that opens the heart, such as cobra pose, or bhujangasana, and bow pose, or dhanurasana.

Yogapedia explains Anahata Chakra Mantra

Working with the anahata chakra mantra is thought to help the yogi be more open to give and receive love, while letting go of past hurts and grievances. It may be valuable for those struggling with forgiveness to allow them to adopt a more compassionate attitude towards themselves and others.

Because anahata chakra is the fourth chakra, it is the central point between the higher spiritual chakras and the lower physical ones. As such, chanting the anahata chakra mantra can provide a bridge between the physical and spiritual.

An alternative to chanting yam is to use a mantra that connects to the energy of the heart chakra, such as, “Giving is receiving.” This reminds the yogi of the need to cultivate a free and open giving of love.

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