Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Tantrayana Mean?

Tantrayana is one of the three main paths, known as yanas or vehicles in Buddhism. The other two paths are Theravada Buddhism, which is the path of renunciation, and Mahayana Buddhist, which is the path of recognition or realisation.

Tantrayana is the path of transformation. Its practices encourage a transformation of body, speech and mind in order to become happy. Sometimes it is also known as Vajrayana, or “the Diamond Vehicle” because the practices are said to bring about a transformation into a diamond-like self – clear, pure and indestructible.


Yogapedia Explains Tantrayana

Tantrayana is a path that uses the body to work the mind. It teaches that the body and mind are deeply interconnected. As such when there are blockages in the subtle body channels, the mind also becomes stuck, obscuring our true nature. The techniques of Tantrayana work with the body first to achieve the enlightenment of the mind.

Some say that Tantrayana is the most direct route to enlightenment, but it requires strength in order to practice its direct methods.

Tantrayana considers anything to be useful as a transformational tool, and as such nothing is renounced or rejected. Negative emotions, problems and desires become teachers on the path, and are transformed into greater wisdom.

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