Is meditation good for everyone?


Is meditation good for everyone?


Meditation. It’s slowly becoming as popular as yoga nowadays. This contemplative practice, brought to the West by Buddhist and yogic traditions, has a treasure trove of health benefits---physical, mental, and spiritual. But, is meditation good for everyone?

There are so many meditative styles to choose from that my answer is an adamant yes, meditation is good for everyone. Certain styles aren’t. But, within the vast pantheon of meditative practices, I’m quite certain everyone can find one that suits his or her particular needs.

For example, if you’re a restless type---someone who finds it almost impossible to sit still for any extended period of time---you’ll probably find a form of moving meditation that works for you. Qigong is an example of such. If you have lots of fire burning within, an intense yoga practice should make it possible for you to sit long enough to meditate. In fact, that’s one of the ultimate aims of the physical aspect of yoga. It’s designed to prepare you for seated meditation.

People too often think, "I could never meditate because I could never slow my thoughts or empty my mind." It’s a misnomer that meditation is about slowing or getting rid of thoughts. That’s not the point. We will always have thoughts. The point of meditation is to become the witness of those thoughts. This is how we detach ourselves from them so that our lives aren’t ruled by them. Our thoughts then become a tool for positive action, rather than an impetus for unhealthy reaction.

This is why I believe meditation is indeed good for everyone. We can all use a form that resonates with us as a tool for positive transformation. We can grow to know ourselves and know one another on a deeper and truer level. And that my friends, makes meditation oh so worth it!

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