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What Does Dhanu Mean?

Dhanu is a Sanskrit word that means “bow.” It is also the ninth solar month of the Hindu calendar and the zodiac sign that corresponds with Sagittarius the archer, who is often depicted with a bow and arrow.

Dhanurasana is a yoga pose known in English as bow pose. It is an intense stretch of the entire front body that is so-called because the body resembles the shape of a bow. From a prone position, the yogi brings the feet toward the back of the head and reaches back with the hands to hold on to the ankles.


Yogapedia Explains Dhanu

In parts of India, Dhanu Sankranti is a holiday that is celebrated when the sun crosses over Dhanu Rashi, or Sagittarius, while Dhanu Yatra is a theatrical performance often staged during this holiday.

Dhanu Sankranti marks the beginning of Dhanu, the month of plenty, usually corresponding to mid-December through mid-January. It celebrates Lord Jagannath and Lord Surya. In conjunction with this holiday, a festival of open-air theatrical plays, called Dhanu Yatra, dramatize the life of Lord Krishna — in particular, his visit to Mathura to observe the ceremony of the bow.

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