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What Does Yoga-Sara-Samgraha Mean?

Yoga-Sara-Samgraha is a summary of Patanjali’s Raja Yoga, which was written by yoga guru Vijnana Bikshu in the sixteenth century. It was orginally written in Sanskrit and contains the collected theories espoused in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The Yoga-Sara-Samgraha is said to be the product of Vijnana Bikshu’s studies and ruminations on his scholarly learnings about yoga.

Translations of the Yoga-Sara-Samgraha are still in publication and are used in yogic teachings to the present day.


Yogapedia Explains Yoga-Sara-Samgraha

The Yoga-Sara-Samgraha has been praised for both the depth of knowledge that it contains, and the accessible language and style in which it is written.

Vijnana Bikshu was a scholar of the three schools or traditions of Samkhya, Yoga and Vedanta, but it was teachings from Samkhya and Yoga which most influenced the Yoga-Sara-Samgraha text.

As well as the Yoga-Sara-Samgraha, Vijnana Bikshu also authored a text that provides a comprehensive commentary of the Yoga Sutras called Yoga-Varttika. The Yoga-Sara-Samgraha is seen as the essence of the knowledge derived from this commentary. Unlike the Yoga-Varttika ,which had to adhere to the structure and order of the Yoga Sutras, in the Yoga-Sara-Samgraha Vijnana was able write in order of the subject matter at hand, organising the content into four clear parts. He also helped to elucidate the ideas more clearly by supporting his teachings with a range of srutis, smrtis and puranas.

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