Superman Pose

Viparita shalabhasana

Superman Pose

What is Superman Pose?

Superman pose, or viparita shalabhasana in Sanskrit, is a variation of locust pose. With the belly on the floor, the yogi lifts their legs and arms toward the sky, stretching from fingertips to toes. The pose is wonderfully strengthening for the back and improves digestion.


  • Begin lying on the belly with the forehead on the floor, arms stretched in front of you.
  • Inhale and lift the arms, head, and legs from the floor. Reach them as high as possible. Avoid straining the neck by gazing diagonally downward.
  • Breathe while holding the pose.
  • Exhale and lower.


  • Avoid in case of recent abdominal surgery.

Benefits of Superman Pose

  • Improves digestion
  • Relieves flatulence
  • Strengthens the back muscles and shoulders
  • Tones the abdomen
  • Relieves low back pain

Superman Pose Details

Sanskrit Name
Viparita shalabhasana
vip-ar-EET-ah shah-lah-BHAH-sah-nah
Pose Level
Nasagre (Tip of the nose)
Pose Type
Backbends, Chest Openers, Core
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