Marichi’s Pose C

Marichyasana C

What is Marichi’s Pose C?

Marichi's pose C, or marichyasana C in Sanskrit, in a seated twist that's part of Ashtanga yoga's primary series. With one leg extended and the other bent, the practitioner twists toward the bent leg. The challening part here is to wrap the arm around the bent leg and bind them behind the back, which gives a deep twist to the thoracic spine.


  • Sit with the legs outstretched.
  • Bend the right leg. Place the foot close to the right buttocks.
  • Exhale and twist to the right.
  • Reach the left arm around the right leg. Reach the right arm behind, then grab hold of the wrist. Gaze to the left.
  • Inhale and untwist. Change sides.


  • Avoid twisting from the lumbar spine
  • Use caution if there is shoulder injury

Benefits of Marichi’s Pose C

  • Stretches the spine and improves flexibility
  • Stimulates the abdominal organs
  • Improves digestion and elimination
  • Helps the body to detox

Marichi’s Pose C Details
Sanskrit Name: Marichyasana C
Pronunciation: mar-EECH-YAH-sah-nah C
Pose Level: Advanced
Drishti: Parshva (Side)
Pose Type: Binds, Seated Poses, Twists

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