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Dr. Scott Lyons


Dr. Scott Lyons lives and works in the world of yoga. He is a clinical psychologist, osteopath, mind-body medicine practitioner, reiki master, and yoga teacher, just to list a few of his many credentials.

Dr. Lyons is also the co-creator of Embodied Flow, a yoga school and therapy practice. Embodied Flow aims to reconnect the body, spirit and mind using a combination of hatha yoga, moving meditations, tantric philosophy, somatics and transpersonal psychology. He is also one of the leaders of The Embodied Consciousness Immersion, to be held in Berkley, California, in October.

He is also the developer of Somatic Stress Release, which helps us to naturally relax and restore our biological systems.

Dr. Lyons is a firm believer that we can use holistic methods to expand our capacity to be seen, heard and felt, even on a cellular level.

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