Teardrop Bow Pose

Padangustha dhanurasana

What is Teardrop Bow Pose?

Teardrop bow pose, or padangustha dhanurasana in Sanskrit, is an advanced and amplified version of bow pose (dhanurasana). The hands grip the feet in a deep arch, improving spinal flexibility and awakening the mind.


  • Begin lying on the belly in snake pose with the bodyweight supported on the forearms.
  • Bend the right leg and bring the foot toward the buttocks. Inhale and grab the outside of the foot with the right hand. Rotate in the shoulder socket so that the elbow is pointing up. Do the same on the left side.
  • Inhale and straighten the arms and legs, lifting the feet higher toward the sky.
  • Breathe while holding the pose.
  • Exhale and slowly release the feet one at a time.


  • Avoid if there is neck, back or knee injury.

Benefits of Teardrop Bow Pose

  • Strengthens the back and improves spinal flexibility
  • Improves circulation to the abdominal organs
  • Stretches the entire front body, legs, shoulders and arms
  • Stimulates the mind
  • Eases mild depression

Teardrop Bow Pose Details
Sanskrit Name: Padangustha dhanurasana
Pronunciation: PAH-DAHN-goosh-tha dhon-oor-Ah-sah-nah
Pose Level: Advanced
Drishti: Nasagre (Tip of the nose)
Pose Type: Backbends, Chest Openers, Hip Openers

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