Standing Spinal Twist Pose B

No noted Sanskrit name.

What is Standing Spinal Twist Pose B?

Standing spinal twist pose B is a gentle beginner's twist that challenges balance. With one foot crossed over the other, the practitioner opens their arms wide and twists to the side. Though simple, the pose gently stretches the spine while developing focus.


  • Stand with the feet together.
  • Cross the left leg over the right leg. Place the foot outside of the right foot.
  • Inhale and open the arms to a T shape.
  • Exhale and rotate the torso and arms to the left.
  • Breathe while holding the pose.
  • Change sides.


  • Avoid this pose during pregnancy and if there is hernia or spinal injury.

Benefits of Standing Spinal Twist Pose B

  • Releases tension along the spine
  • Stretches the psoas
  • Stimulates the digestive organs
  • Develops focus
  • Encourages detoxification

Standing Spinal Twist Pose B Details
Sanskrit Name: No noted Sanskrit name.
Pronunciation: No noted Sanskrit name.
Pose Level: Beginner
Drishti: Parshva (Side)
Pose Type: Balancing, Standing Poses, Twists

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