Simple Spinal Twist Pose

Meru vakrasana

Simple Spinal Twist Pose

What is Simple Spinal Twist Pose?

This version of the simple spinal twist pose, called meru vakrasana in Sanskrit, is similar to half lord of the fishes. However, here the torso and arms twist in the opposite direction. The pose increases spinal flexibility and can be used to prepare for more intense spinal twists.


  • Sit with the legs outstretched.
  • Bend the left knee and place the foot on the floor just inside of the right knee.
  • Place the right hand on the floor behind the torso.
  • Inhale and reach the left arm up.
  • Exhale and twist to the right, placing the left hand on the floor outside of the right thigh. Look over the right shoulder.
  • Breathe while holding the pose.
  • Change sides.


  • Avoid if there is spinal injury.

Benefits of Simple Spinal Twist Pose

  • Increases spinal flexibility
  • Improves digestive power
  • Encourages fresh blood supply to the abdominal region
  • Opens the third chakra

Simple Spinal Twist Pose Details

Sanskrit Name
Meru vakrasana
may-roo vah-KRAH-SAH-nah
Pose Level
Parshva (Side)
Pose Type
Seated Poses, Twists
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