Reclining Hero Pose

Supta Virasana

What is Reclining Hero Pose?

Reclining hero pose, or supta virasana, is a more advanced version of hero pose. From hero, the yogi reclines onto their back and holds opposite elbows over the head. This pose is good for stretching the abdominal organs.


  • Begin by kneeling and separating your feet as wide as your hips.
  • Exhale and lower your bottom in between your calves.
  • On the next exhalation recline back, lowering your head and back to the floor.
  • Inhale and reach your arms overhead. Grasp opposite elbows.
  • Breathe while holding the pose.


  • Avoid if you have a knee or back injury.
  • Widen your knees to relieve any knee pain.

Benefits of Reclining Hero Pose

  • Stretches the abdominal organs
  • Improves knee flexibility
  • Opens the heart
  • Energizes the mind

Reclining Hero Pose Details
Sanskrit Name: Supta Virasana
Pronunciation: soop-tah VEER-AH-sah-nah
Pose Level: Intermediate
Drishti: Nasagre (Tip of the nose)
Pose Type: Backbends, Chest Openers

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