Gate Pose


Gate Pose

What is Gate Pose?

Gate pose, or parighasana in Sanskrit, is an important side-bending posture that builds spinal flexibility. From a kneeling posture, one leg is stretched out to the side. The yogi reaches the opposite arm overhead and toward the extended leg, opening the side body.


  • Begin kneeling.
  • Exhale and stretch the right leg out to the side.
  • Inhale and reach the arms out to the sides.
  • Exhale and reach the left arm up, overhead and to the right, opening the side body. Rest the right hand on the right leg.
  • Breathe while holding the pose. Inhale and return to center. Change sides.


  • No known cautions

Benefits of Gate Pose

  • Stretches the hips, groins and shoulders
  • Improves digestion
  • Opens the chest and lungs
  • Increases spinal flexibility

Gate Pose Details

Sanskrit Name
Pose Level
Urdhva (Toward the sky)
Pose Type
Chest Openers, Hip Openers
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