Extended Side Angle Pose

Utthita Parsvakonasana

What is Extended Side Angle Pose?

Extended side angle pose, or utthita parsvakonasana in Sanskrit, is a standing pose that's often sequenced in between warrior poses. From warrior two, the yogi leans their torso toward their bent leg and reaches their arm in line with the torso. The pose provides a deep stretch to the groin and hamstrings.


  • Begin in warrior two with the right leg bent.
  • Exhale and lean the torso to the right. Rest the right forearm on the right thigh and reach the left arm overhead.
  • To deepen the pose, exhale and lower the right fingertips to the floor. Stretch the left arm alongside the ear so that it's in line with the torso.
  • Breathe while holding the pose.
  • Inhale and return to warrior two. Change sides and repeat.


  • Look toward the floor if there is neck pain

Benefits of Extended Side Angle Pose

  • Strengthens the legs, knees and ankles
  • Strengthens the core
  • Stretches the groin and hamstrings
  • Relieves shoulder stiffness
  • Relieves sciatica
  • Improves elimination

Extended Side Angle Pose Details
Sanskrit Name: Utthita Parsvakonasana
Pronunciation: oo-tee-tah PARSH-vah-ko-NAH-sah-nah
Pose Level: Intermediate
Drishti: Urdhva (Toward the sky)
Pose Type: Core, Standing Poses, Strength

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