Balancing Stick Pose

Virabhadrasana 3

What is Balancing Stick Pose?

Balancing stick pose, also called warrior III and virabhadrasana C in Sanskrit, is a standing posture that improves strength, stability and focus. It's often entered from warrior one or mountain pose (tadasana). While balancing on one leg, the opposite leg, torso and arms are lifted and parallel to the floor.


  • Begin standing in tadasana with the arms stretched overhead. Interlace the fingers.
  • Exhale and bend at the waist. At the same time, lift the right leg from the floor.
  • Bring the arms, torso and lifted leg parallel to the floor. Gaze downward or slightly ahead.
  • Breathe while holding the pose.
  • Inhale and return to standing. Change sides.


  • Beginners can balance with the arms alongside the body or stretched out to the sides.

Benefits of Balancing Stick Pose

  • Improves flexibility in the hamstrings, hips and shoulders
  • Increases core, leg, back, shoulder and arm strength
  • Opens the chest and lungs
  • Stimulates the abdominal organs
  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Improves focus and memory

Balancing Stick Pose Details
Sanskrit Name: Virabhadrasana 3
Pronunciation: VEER-ah-bhah-DRAH-sah-nah three
Pose Level: Intermediate
Drishti: Hastagrahe (Tip of the hand)
Pose Type: Balancing, Core, Standing Poses, Strength

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