Where are the answers to our spiritual questions?


Where are the answers to our spiritual questions?


The answer is simple. All answers exist within. But not just any “within.” They exist deep within where your higher Self resides. Your higher self is free of the needs and demands of the ego. (Read more in You Are a Spiritual Being.)

Far too often, we think the crucial answers to our spiritual questions exist outside of ourselves. This makes sense because for many of us we live in a culture that continually tells us to buy this, do that, or live in a socially prescribed way.

Sometimes we trust our parents, siblings, friends, or lovers before we trust ourselves. This is silly, given that we our all on our own path and not at the same point in our spiritual evolution. The answer for one person may be totally different for another. Only you know what’s right for you, which is why the answers to the big questions exist within.

Somewhere along the line, we were taught to distrust our own inner voice of wisdom. In yoga, we learn how to know ourselves at the very deepest level. Through the practice of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and other forms of contemplation, we learn how to hear the soft, still voice in our hearts. It’s this voice that’s been drowned out for far too long. (Read more on Meditation: How to Find the Starting Point.)

Without our yoga practice, it’s possible we’ll never get in touch with our inner voice, the one that has all the answers, the answers which are coming from our higher Self and serving the greatest good. So, always do your sadhana. By establishing a regular contemplative practice, you’ll develop more self-confidence as you realize that you are the one with all the answers. (Learn more in How to Create Your Own Unique Sadhana.)

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