What is the source of creativity?


What is the source of creativity?


Your creative source lies deep within you. It wells up from the still, soft voice---the one that rears its head in moments of quiet, like when you’re taking a bath, walking alone in nature, or meditating on your comfy meditation cushion. Every single human being is a source of creativity, and we can tap into that source the more we do our sadhana - our daily meditations, contemplations, and yoga practice asana. (Read more in How to Create Your Own Unique Sadhana.)

Mantra Meditation

Another effective way to tap into the creative source is to practice mantra meditation. Mantra meditation actually helps the left side of your brain and the right side of the brain work together, and when this happens, your creative mind will naturally awaken. (Learn how in What is Japa Mantra?)

Time in Nature

In yoga, we are all believed to be one with the macrocosm. The entire universal source of creativity, the one that makes plants grow and planets turn, is also within us. We can work to align ourselves with this universal source of creativity by getting deeply in touch with nature. We can harmonize our daily habits with those of Mother Nature. By going to bed between 9pm and 10pm, we work toward our natural circadian alignment. It seems simple, but even an action like this can help us tap into the external source of creativity. (Read more in Joys of Unplugging.)


The source of creativity is also love. This can be love defined in many different ways but it’s love of the unconditional sort. Whether it’s love for nature, love for a pet or romantic love. Love creates brighter visions of a world that is whole and complete. You can get in touch with your unconditional loving nature by doing heart-opening yoga poses (backbends), heart-opening meditations, and loving kindness meditation, as well as practicing mindfulness within all your relationships. Practicing compassion and empathy in your every day life also opens your heart and allows creativity to spring abundantly forth. (Learn 5 Heart-Opening Asanas.)

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