What is Cosmic Vibration?


What is the Cosmic Vibration?


In yoga (and other spiritual traditions), it’s believed that there is one universal cosmic intelligent vibration. That vibration is articulated through the sound OM, or AUM. It’s also expressed in the form of light, therefore, light, as well as sound, have the infinite potential to heal, transform, and bring us into greater and more expansive levels of awareness. (Learn about The Meaning of Om.)

As yogis, we want to become one with everything and all that is. We want to raise our consciousness to become healers and bringers of peace and light. And, because the cosmic vibration can be accessed by chanting the mantra OM repetitively, we always seal our yoga practice by chanting this eternal sound vibration. We can also use japa mantra to tap into the cosmic vibration---by repeating OM out loud, or to ourselves, as we use our mala beads to guide the way. (Learn What's a Mantra.)

If you’ve ever had moments of enlightenment, or breakthroughs on the path of Spirit, you may have even heard the sound OM and felt as if the entire world around you was buzzing with vibratory sound waves. Many experience this as a kundalini awakening and can actually hear the sound OM as if it were being sung to them by a universal symphony.

You can even use the cosmic vibration, OM, to heal your body, mind and spirit. When you tap into this infinite creative spark, you can experience infinite healing - on all levels. Because this primordial sound is believed to be the stuff of God, the way the Divine manifests, it makes sense that we would all be able to access divine healing by bringing our own personal vibrations in sync with the Maker’s. So, whenever you’re feeling low, simply chant OM for five to ten minutes. Feel the cosmic vibration moving throughout your body, and envision it healing you on every level of consciousness. (Read more in The Sacred Meaning of Mantras.)

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