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Jade quit her perfectly good job to travel the world in 80 yoga classes, and has never looked back. She is a yoga teacher, writer and health and wellness geek. When she is not teaching yoga, you can find her planning her next adventures, drinking tea and eating vegan brownies. All opinions are her own, or borrowed from those wiser than herself, and subject to change. A lot.
Recent Articles on Yogapedia by Jade Garratt

A Vinyasa Sequence for Beginners

Want to try a Vinyasa yoga class but aren't sure where to start? Try this easy beginner sequence.

20 Minutes of Yin Yoga

Practicing Yin yoga can be done in as little as 20 minutes. Explore this quick, yet effective, restorative Yin yoga sequence for a renewed sense of calm. Integrate Yin yoga into your Sadhana.

How to Safely Practice Headstand

Headstand is known as the king of all yoga poses for the many benefits it brings. However, practicing a headstand safely is the key to achieving the benefits of this pose.

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