The chakra system can at times feel a bit overwhelming and confusing. Your yoga teacher may mention how a certain asana is good for stimulating a certain chakra or how different mantras can help balance your chakras, but without knowing which of your chakras need balancing, this knowledge can sometimes drift by us.

For those newer to the chakra system, the chakras are seven wheels of energy that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra is responsible for different physiological and psychological responses. The chakra system relies on balance; when one of the chakras is blocked, the entire system can be effected.

Identifying which chakras are out of balance comes with examining your physical body and your mental state. You may not even realize that some of the habits you've fallen into are side effects of an imbalanced chakra.

To help you bring attention to your chakras and to identify which of your chakras are causing you issues, we created the following quiz.

Try not to stress over every question, but simply answer based off your intuition. After all, you know yourself better than anyone else.