How do you stay committed to your Dharma?


How do you stay committed to your Dharma?


Staying committed to your dharma—whether that means teaching inspirational yoga classes, or being the best mother you can possibly be—takes constant practice. Life is full of distractions, and it’s far too easy to get pulled away from your life’s purpose. So, how do you stay committed to your dharma? Here are 2 ways to stay connected to your essence, and your journey as a beautiful soul walking the spiritual path.

Svadhyaya (Self-study)

Yoga teaches us to know thyselves. It’s through the constant practice of svadhyaya that we come to know who we truly are and why we’re here. To know ourselves, we practice yoga, we journal, and we meditate. It’s through an ongoing process of self-study that we become connected to our dharma. And because we’re constantly evolving, our dharma may change as we change. This is why svadhyaya is so essential for staying committed to your own unique purpose.

Mission Statement

It’s really helpful to write down your mission statement for this beautiful life of yours. A personal mission statement serves as a reminder of why you’re here and why your dharma is so important for your life. Having a personal mission statement helps you to better understand your life theme. It helps you get in touch with who you truly are. Writing a paragraph or two that sums up what you’re all about will help you stay on track. Whenever you feel as if you’ve lost your way, all you have to do is read your mission statement. Make the necessary changes to it as needed, but keep it as a reminder of your dharma and why you are committed to following it each and every day.

As the Buddha once said: “your work is to discover your work and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it.”

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