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What Does Sthairyam Mean?

Sthairyam is a Sanskrit word that translates as “steadfastness.” In the Hindu sacred text the Bhagavad Gita, sthairyam is described as a component of spiritual knowledge. It is the determination to stay on the yogic path to self-knowledge and Self-realization.

The term also means “stability” and is used to referred to one of the benefits of yoga asana practice, developing physical and mental stability. Physical sthairyam provides the yogi with a solid base to sit comfortably and undistracted by the body during meditation.


Yogapedia Explains Sthairyam

This physical stability as a meditative practice is referred to by the Sanskrit name kaya sthairyam (body stillness). In kaya sthairyam meditation, the yogi concentrates on sthairyam of the body, which stills the mind. The sixth limb of yoga, dharana (concentration), requires the practice and mastering of kaya sthairyam before deep meditation can be effective.

One technique for developing sthairyam is meditating with a focus on kantha kupa, which is the pit of the throat. In addition to promoting physical stability and mental steadfastness, meditation on kantha kupa controls hunger and thirst.

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