Pareccha Karma

Definition - What does Pareccha Karma mean?

Pareccha karma is that which results from another's desire. The term is a combination of two Sanskrit words, pareccha, meaning “by another's will,” and karma, meaning “work” or “action.” In yoga and in many religions originating from the Indian traditions, karma is the concept of someone's actions or works affecting the future in the present life or future reincarnations.

Karma consists of three major categories: prarabdha karma, sanchita karma and agami karma. Prarabdha, in turn, consists of three subcategories of karma, of which pareccha karma is one. Prarabdha karmas are the manifesting residue of works and actions in a previous life. Simply put, bad karma accumulated in a previous life results in suffering in the present life, whereas good karma leads to abundance and happiness.

Yogapedia explains Pareccha Karma

Because prarabdha karma, and therefore pareccha karma, were created in a previous life, the consequences cannot be changed, nor can the karma be resolved or removed. The yogi must experience the positive and negative effects of pareccha karma. For example, if a person is assaulted by someone else, he/she is experiencing pareccha karma, or karma manifested through the actions of another person. Likewise, someone who lived piously in a previous life would experience pareccha karma in a positive way – for example, an unexpected gift of money from a relative when most needed.

In addition to pareccha karma, the other forms of prarabdha karma are ichha karma (with personal desire) and anichha karma (without desire). A self-realized yogi may have pareccha and anichha karma, but no one can achieve a state of self-realization until ichha karma has been resolved.

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