Paryankasana B

Definition - What does Paryankasana B mean?

Paryankasana B is the name used in Ashtanga yoga for an intermediate reclined pose that provides an intense stretch of the knees and quadriceps. The name comes from the Sanskrit paryanka, meaning “couch” or “bed” and asana, meaning "posture" or "pose." In English, it is called couch pose. Other forms of yoga refer to this asana as supta virasana, or reclining hero pose.

From Paryankasana A – sitting with the shins on the ground – the yogi lies back until fully reclined.

Yogapedia explains Paryankasana B

Paryankasana B is a pose in the sequences of both the intermediate and advanced series of Ashtanga yoga. This asana is believed to open the manipura (solar plexus) chakra, thereby boosting self-esteem, motivation and confidence. Manipura is associated with integrity, willpower and a sense of responsibility. In addition to its physical benefits, paryankasana B has these mental/spiritual benefits:

  • Stills and energizes the mind
  • Promotes self-acceptance
  • Opens the heart center
  • Restores balance between mind and spirit
  • Improves focus
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