Suddha Manas

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Suddha Manas Mean?

Suddha manas is Sanskrit for “pure mind,” with suddha meaning “pure” and manas meaning “mind.”

The mind exists in one of two states — pure or impure — according to the teachings of the Upanishads. Suddha manas is achieved through the practice of meditation and dedication to spiritual study.


Yogapedia Explains Suddha Manas

The goal of the practice of yoga is to create suddha manas. A pure mind does not mean that the yogi no longer has care or concern for instinct-based thought; it simply means they are no longer clouded with the delusion that physical enjoyment and pleasure are happiness.

A suddha manas mind is also a sattvic mind. Sattvic comes from the Sanskrit word, sattva, meaning “purity.” A sattvic mind is characterized by embracing simplicity in life, enjoying silence and solitude, and embracing spiritual practice. Through breath work and meditation, the mind is able to achieve single-pointedness and can constantly evolve to discern more subtle thought and gain more clarity.

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