Suddha Vidya

Last Updated: July 27, 2017

Definition - What does Suddha Vidya mean?

Considered to be a part of the yogi principles, known as the Five Pure Tattvas, suddha vidya represents pure spirit and consciousness that occurs between the self and the universe when they are in a balanced state. The acknowledgement of “I am this,” or universal consciousness, is accomplished during suddha vidya. This wisdom comes from years of mindful practice and can be fleeting during the course of the yogi’s lifetime.

Yogapedia explains Suddha Vidya

The suddha vidya is considered to be a part of the five tattvas which are believed to be of pure spirit and not mixed with material or impure natures (unlike the Vidya Tattvas and Prithivi Tattvas). The suddha vidya is known as the first stage of consciousness and is an acceptance of the self and the universe as one being. The duality between the spirit and self is balanced during this pure state of mind, but this balance is not stable. The awareness that occurs during suddha vidya fluctuates as the yogi goes from periods of realization to forgetting their own nature and reverting back to an impure state.

Considered to be an ultimate wisdom that illuminates the mind and contributes to a path of enlightenment, the state of suddha vidya takes many years of practice. With continuous study and meditation, the feeling of unity with the self, universe and all beings increases and the yogi becomes more tolerant, loving, objective and open to feelings of interconnection.

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