Superman Pose

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Superman Pose Mean?

Superman pose is a floor yoga pose that strengthens the muscles of your lower back.

To perform Superman pose, the yogi lies prone on their mat with their chin also placed on the mat. With the legs together and engaged, the yogi reaches the arms out in front of their body with the palms facing the floor. With the core engaged, on an inhale, the yogi lifts the legs, arms and trunk up of the floor and holds the position before releasing on an exhale.

Known as viparita shalabhasana in Sanskrit, Superman pose is an English nickname, as when a yogi is in the pose, they look like Superman flying through the air.

superman pose yoga asana


Yogapedia Explains Superman Pose

Superman pose is a floor posture that provides many benefits to the yogi. Yogis need the determined mind of a superhero to focus on the position of the body, the breath and balance in this posture. Superman pose can be performed by yogis of any ability, as the yogi uses their available strength and mobility to move in and out of the posture.

As the arms and legs lift up, the yogi balances on the abdomen which can feel unsteady, especially as the breath expands the chest and belly, the knees and elbow remain locked to keep the arms and legs straight. While the yogi holds this posture, the muscles of the arms, chest, back, abdomen and legs are being strengthened and stretched. Breathing in this posture can be challenging as the breath can feel limited with the chest lifting up and the abdomen pressing into the floor, all in addition to the balance of the body.

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