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Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Home Practice Mean?

A home practice refers to the yoga practice a yogi develops on their own at home. A home practice can be started out of necessity or as a rite of passage when a yogi feels confident enough to perform yoga asanas on their own. More typically, a home practice is started when the yogi has learned all the postures and is comfortable enough to do them on their own. A home practice can also comprise a structured routine with blended disciplines of yoga that, together, meet the yogis needs.


Yogapedia Explains Home Practice

While setting up a yoga space at home can be fun, the yogi must have the discipline to consistently practice yoga and possess a well-rounded knowledge base of yoga poses and breathing. Learning how to do yoga alone without the help of a teacher can be frustrating and can lead to strain or injury.

Yoga postures require that the yogi have body awareness so they can perform each posture with the correct alignment. As yoga postures play on grounding, expanding, holding tension in some muscles while releasing tension in others, yogis can miss some of the best benefits of yoga without an experienced teacher to guide them. When establishing a yoga practice, the yogi has to consider the individual poses and the sequencing of the poses in order to create a practice that is beneficial and does not put the yogi at risk for injury. However, once a yogi understands the fundamentals and has cultivated the ability to listen to their body, they can move with freedom and learn how to explore asana without the structure of a class.

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Home Yoga Practice

Home Yogic Practice

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