Funky Pincha Pose

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Funky Pincha Pose Mean?

Funky pincha pose is an inverted balancing posture that is a combination of a handstand and a forearm stand. It is a variation of pincha mayurasana, or feathered peacock pose. Pincha comes from the Sanskrit word for “feather” or “feathered,” and what makes the pose "funky" is the hybrid arm position: It looks like a handstand with one arm balanced on the hand and the other balanced on the forearm, creating an uneven appearance.

Funky Pincha Pose


Yogapedia Explains Funky Pincha Pose

An energizing posture, funky pincha strengthens and stretches the shoulders, as well as strengthens the core abdominal muscles, the arms and the back. The pose also promotes circulation, supports balance and equilibrium, and improves focus.

Funky pincha is a more advanced posture, so yogis should master preparatory poses before attempting it. Such preparatory poses include tripod headstand, handstand and dolphin pose. When first attempting funky pincha pose, practice against a wall for help with alignment and balance. You can also rest the crown of the head on the ground until balance improves.

The asymmetrical arm positions make balance especially challenging in funky pincha pose. Unlike a full handstand, the arm balance on the hand does not straighten; instead, the elbow remains bent and tucked, but aligned with the wrist.

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