Last Updated: February 14, 2019

Definition - What does AcroYoga mean?

AcroYoga is a type of yoga that combines traditional Hatha or Vinyasa Flow yoga with acrobatics. It may also include elements of healing arts. It originated in the late 1990s and has quickly become popular, with AcroYoga schools now all over the world.

AcroYoga is said to promote a wide range of physical and mental benefits for the yogi. Its defining feature is its use of gravity to promote both strengthening and stretching. It is generally considered a more vigorous and challenging yoga practice than other forms of physical yoga.

A typical class may include a warmup, partner work, flowing sequences, inversions and Thai yoga massage.

Yogapedia explains AcroYoga

Partner work is a key feature of AcroYoga, and the work with a partner helps to improve strength and balance as well as building trust. It may also incorporate elements of massage which can relieve stress.

Because AcroYoga is more physically challenging than other forms of yoga, some consider that it may lead to more injuries than a traditional yoga practice.

In AcroYoga, there are three key roles for yogis to play:

  • Base - the person who is most in contact with the ground. For example, they may lie on their back with their legs and arms reaching up to support their partner.
  • Flyer - the person who is lifted off the ground by the base. They can move into dynamic sequences of positions.
  • Spotter - the person entrusted with watching the base and flyer to make sure that the flyer lands safely if they slip. They may also make suggestions to help both partners improve their technique or alignment.

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