Trap Yoga

Last Updated: July 27, 2017

Definition - What does Trap Yoga mean?

Trap yoga is a style of yoga class that combines the physical asana practice with trap music, a type of hip-hop that originated in the southern United States. Brandon Copeland, a Washington, D.C.-based yoga instructor, is credited with developing the practice.

Copeland has said he began teaching yoga to promote mindfulness and the transforming power of the practice with an emphasis on the African American community. His inspiration for Trap yoga was the desire to attract African American men to yoga.

Yogapedia explains Trap Yoga

Trap yoga was created to provide a welcoming environment for newcomers who might feel uncomfortable in the silence of a traditional class or in a class with music that didn't reflect their culture. At the same time, Trap yoga is designed to empower the yogis and promote wellness. Although Trap yoga has increased participation by men, women enjoy the class as well.

Copeland describes his class as Ashtanga yoga practiced with trap music to get a sense of struggle that comes with the music but also the sense of success. While the music is loud, the main focus is the breath, traditional Ashtanga postures and the gaze.

Trap yoga joins a growing list of western pop-culture styles of yoga, including Hip Hop yoga. Traditionalists say that this music detracts the real, spiritual purpose of yoga, but proponents tout the innovation and fun, which they say provides its own mental, physical and spiritual benefits.

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