Quarter Lotus Pose

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Quarter Lotus Pose Mean?

Quarter lotus pose is a variation of lotus pose where the yogi places the feet on the calves of the opposite leg instead of on the thigh. To enter quarter lotus pose, the yogi begins seated and crosses the legs by bending the knees and placing the feet on the calves of the opposite leg.

Lotus pose and its variations are often used for meditation, contemplation and mantra chanting.


Yogapedia Explains Quarter Lotus Pose

Lotus pose is the quintessential seated meditation pose of the ancient yogis. In the pose, the legs are supposed to resemble the petals of the lotus flower floating in water. Yogis are often depicted seated on a cushion; the yogi should maintain an upright posture with the legs deeply crossed, the feet rest at the top of the thigh and the hands resting on the top of the knees or held in mudra.

Quarter lotus pose is a modified variation of lotus pose that allows a yogi with tight hips and ankles to still hold the seated meditation pose. In this pose, the feet are rested on the calves instead of the thighs. The pose is suitable for yogis of all abilities and is frequently used by beginner or novice yogis who find full lotus position to strenuous and difficult to hold for long periods of time.

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