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What Does Panchamrit Mean?

Panchamrit is a sweet concoction used in Hindu worship and in the prayer rituals known as pujas. The name comes from the Sanskrit, pancha, meaning “five,” and amrit, meaning “immortal” or “nectar of the gods.” Traditional recipes for panchamrit consist of five ingredients: raw milk, curd (yogurt), honey, sugar and ghee (clarified butter). Typically, panchamrit is offered to the deity or deities and is consumed at the end of worship or after puja.

Panchamrit may also be known as charnamrit (nectar from the feet of the gods), although the latter term also refers to the water used to bathe deities that is collected in basins at their feet.


Yogapedia Explains Panchamrit

According to Hindu mythology, the gods gained immortality by drinking panchamrit. Although traditionally made from five ingredients, panchamrit today may have mint, saffron, bananas, dates, coconuts and other ingredients, often varying widely by region.

Each of the traditional ingredients has symbolic significance:

  • Milk – piousness and purity
  • Curd – prosperity and progeny
  • Honey – unity and sweet speech
  • Sugar – bliss
  • Ghee – victory and knowledge

Panchamrit is thought to have health benefits such as improving brain function, nourishing the skin and promoting a healthy pregnancy.

In the traditional Indian medical system of Ayurveda, panchamrit parpati is a powdered treatment composed of herbs and minerals that bears no resemblance to the nectar used in worship. The powder is used to treat hemorrhoids, anorexia and other conditions.

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